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We are currently accepting 2020 membership dues. Dues are $25 per year.

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What is a Civic Club and Why Should You Join?
The word civic is a description of something that belongs to a city and its citizens. Civic clubs are, simply put, organizations that belong to their citizens. And Rice Military Civic Club serves in this spirit, as a club that benefits the Rice Military neighborhood. We work hard to promote our residents’ civic and social welfare. But we are a club, not an HOA, which means that joining is not mandatory. You make a choice to join and support us by paying dues every year. And so the question for you is whether our civic club is worth the $25 annual membership fee to you.

Reasons to Join
  1. Being a civic club gives us more clout and influence. The City of Houston works more closely with and takes more notice of a large civic club than it does with individuals.
  2. Our emails and Facebook page make it easier to know what’s happening, from city-wide issues to local social gatherings. Putting out this information helps us be better neighbors and better citizens.
  3. We secure great speakers on local issues in our quarterly meetings. These issues, often confusing and not easily explained by city websites, are explained by experts who can answer your questions.
  4. We organize events throughout the year including the spring garage sale, the kids Easter egg hunt, National Night Out, the kids Halloween event and the annual holiday party benefiting The Deplchin Children's Center, not to mention all the great socials, and more!
  5. Your dues help us keep these events and activities going, from paying for our website to all the promotional costs.
  6. Being in a civic club helps you meet people who have the same local concerns and problems as you do. When people work together, we can accomplish a lot more than we can alone. Our new committee on Traffic Safety Initiative is a great example.
  7. Neighbors who know each other create safer neighborhoods!
  8. We donate to other nonprofits that benefit our neighborhood, like the WoW Roundabout and replanting trees in Nellie Keyes Park.